Autoupdate Plugins & Themes

Autoupdate Plugins & Themes plugin will help you manage in update and restore the versions plugin on your website safety


  • The plugin will create ”Advanced Update Manager” setting tab after activation
  • This Plugin will create 3 tables ”autoupdaterestore_data”, ”autoupdaterestore_backup” and ”autoupdaterestore_updates” for storage purpose
  • If the user allows Auto Update then the plugin will set cron as per selected schedule for plugin update checking
  • ”Default” tab:
    +   User can set settings like ”To” email address where user can get update emails,
    +   ”From” email address so, user can get update emails from a particular email
    +   ”cron schedule” user has options like ”Daily”,”Weekly” or ”Monthly”.
    +   Also user can upload sitemap for backup purpose
    +   User can take manual backup+   User can change Plugin Auto Update settings
    +   User can Rollback or Upgrade any plugin versions manually
  • ”Backup History” tab: From here user can view the Backup list of files
  • Cron will check the updates as it scheduled
    +   By default if user select ”Auto Update” yes then cron will set to Daily schedule
    +   First time when plugin detects update then one mail will send to the admin
    +   If user set allows to auto update pluginthen on second schedule cron will update plugin automatically
    +   Before updating plugin cron will take Files and Database backup
    +   After update will take backup again of updated files and Database
    +   Then will Compare both files before updates and after updates. If found any errors then ”Rollback” the update and Mail to admin

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Please, read the official documentation of Autoupdate Plugins & Themes  to learn more about all plugin features.



Unzip the downloaded zip file.


Upload the plugin folder

into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.


Activate the plugin

through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

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