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About Us

We are an Austrian modern digital agency.

What do we do? We develop. We code. We support.

That means, that we not only offer high-tech web development performances and services, but also professional web strategies and coding. We are a 100% individual company and a portal that works only with agency and freelancers. We are made up of 8 software developers, that work full time and are not freelancers and a CEO, Patrick Fuchshofer.


We are proud to say that over the last 10 years we have not only inspired our most affectionate customers, but we have also expanded our customers and entered new markets.
Our customers shift from big and international companies to small and middle ones to private people. The high-tech digital projects that we plan, together with the efficient marketing strategies that we unfold, boost the customer’s visibility and the image of the customers. And this is obviously directly connected to the company’s volume of sales.
Our customers are mostly:

big websites that need an immediate emergency intervention when there is a bug in their system

agencies that want to outsource their work to us
several kind of companies that base their business on the website, through which they gain new customers, or support and keep informed the acquired ones.


We help our customers to pave the way to their company’s growth and success. We constantly advice them. How? By showing them the opportunities of the latest digital and technological innovations and by actively supporting them to unfold autonomously their own web potential. Our basic concept is wonderfully expressed by this ancient Chinese quote: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for his life”.

If you are looking for a reliable and high qualified digital partner, Codemenschen is the
right choice! Gain an added value with Codemenschen and pave your way to success!