Online technology of Gift giving

According to recent researches, online gift giving is receiving attention and response on social networks. From online and in direct, gift givers become even more. Over 50% of these gifts are used in the online form through sales websites.

Giving gifts is a fundamental part of building good relationships, and  by Codemenschen does it. Gifts that are well-made for everyone, such as birthday cards and gifts can be given at the last moment or in the distance. Since then, the exchange of gifts is opening the curtain of these generous acts and inspiring people to give more.


Through social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has announced the birthdays and anniversaries of people, so the possibility that they will also give gifts online through it is very high. This means that about a third of all gifts given on Facebook after people’s birthdays are inspired by receiving a gift in the first place.  In particular,  Giftcards from stores are also a result that online gift giving is more popular. Modern, sleek and well-designed form templates with this proliferation of online gifts aren’t just the result of offline gift replacement; but also it seems that accepting gifts online inspires people to give more gifts.


Technology may seem to be changing the way gifts are given online. Their friends who exchange gifts are more likely to consider online gift giving and to be richer. From there, it creates strong inspiration for the spread of acts of kindness and cooperation such as gift giving.

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